Back On The Bandwagon

Hello again! Well, it’s been a long time!

Since I made it to the end of the Melbourne Marathon back in October 2012, I’ve slowly slipped into bad habits. Stress, late nights, too much good food and drink, limited running, it’s all taken its toll. I’m now 9kgs heavier than I was back then (although 4kgs disappeared just before the marathon and then re-appeared a few weeks after), and haven’t run longer than 16kms for a while. Even that (at the Run for the Kids this year) nearly did my knees in, as I hadn’t trained properly and had only run 5kms at a stretch for over a year.

More telling than these physical things though is the mental toll that little to no running has done. I’m not the same person. I lack so much confidence, so much energy. I over-think things all the time. I keep telling myself I can’t do it, or I’m lonely, or I’m thinking of getting pregnant so I can’t do anything right now.

Enough is enough. No more ‘prevaricating about the bush’. It’s time for me to step up and take control of my mental and physical health once more. Set myself running goals for this year, and bloody well do them! So here goes:

  1. Do an 8km run
  2. Do a 10km run
  3. Do a 15km run
  4. Do a half marathon
  5. Get Mat to do a weekly run with me
  6. Get a running buddy
  7. Run short runs twice a week (Monday-Friday) for at least a month.
  8. Run in the rain
  9. Run on the beach
  10. Do a Colour Run

I figure I can add to this list, but it’s a good way to get started. All measurable, achievable goals. I can do this!


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